Makeover Package


The full whammy. Let us come to a location of your choice and a professional make up and hairdresser will look after you and make sure you are ready to strut your stuff in a 2 hour photoshoot! 

  • Resolution Motivation Offer

    It's 2017.

    We have all made resolutions we already know we are unlikey to keep. For a lot of us, this includes some sort or fitness or weight related goal. 

    Well, to try and add a little motivation this year, I have decided to put on an little extra offer. If you meet with me and tell me about your goal and when you want to reach it, I will schedule in a photoshoot for a date around that time, and if you reach your goal by the time the shoot comes around, I will give you 30% off the quoted price. 


    Show me you can do those extra 50 squats you couldn't do before. Put on those jeans you never thought you'd fit in again, Do that pull - up you've been trying to master. Whatever the goal, let me help you get there!

  • Returns and Refunds

    If you fall off the wagon completely and decide you really don't want this amazing offer at all, there is a 40 day return policy (from the date of booking) where you will recieve a full refund. You will recieve a 50% refund from 40 - 50 days and after 50 days there will be no refund offered I'm afraid. You can do it though! Don't give up that easy!! Besides, even you didn't reach that resolution goal, you are still amazing and deserve to be documented in all your glory. 


    Failing that, the photoshoot value can also be exchanged to purchase prints up to 100 days from original purchase. 


  • The Small Print

    Resolution offer 


    Now the thing about setting a goal, it kind of has to be something you can't already do. This means when we have an original consult and talk about the goal you are setting, you're going to have to somehow show me that you arent already there.  You can take a video of you getting on the scales if your weight is your focus (that's mine this year) or if you find that invasive or personal you could photograph a page from your food diary etc. Film yourself doing as many squats as you can or lifting your maximum weight. Screenshot the longest run you have done on that running app so far etc. Whatever you can do to prove where you started, will help us both see so much clearer where you want to be. 


    In order to claim the 30% you will need to be able to tangibly show that you have reached the original goal you set. I'm sure you all understand that I can't simply take your word for it that you could only do 1 push up and can now do 10 a month later, you need to be able to show me somehow. If you have a personal trainer or a gym coach who can vouch for you then even better! 

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