Sherrie Higgins

About me 

I have had a passion for photography since I could hold a camera, but I never really pursued it as anything more than a hobby. It wasn't until I withdrew from my job as a primary teacher, that I was encouraged and inspired to make a living from my passion. I love to be creative, and I love sharing in other people's joy. I am happy to take as much or as little to do with your final vision as you would like but I definetly prefer to be as unobtrusive as possible.


So whether you're looking for a wedding photographer, someone to help you with your visual merchandising, new shots of your restaurant's best dish or that corporate headshot you have been putting off, I am happy to help. Have a look around the site and I'm sure you will find something to suit what you are looking for, and if you dont, please get in touch! 

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For Prints, check out my work on Inkopia! 
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