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Sherrie Higgins

Sherrie is a seasoned professional photographer whose artistic journey began in 2014. Sherrie possesses a remarkable skill for capturing the genuine human connections that lie at the heart of her speciality: people.

Hailing from the lively streets of Glasgow, Sherrie spent 5 transformative years in Dubai from 2017 to 2023, during which time she absorbed a diverse range of influences that now infuse her work with a distinct global flair.

With an unwavering passion for people and a deep-seated affinity for celebratory events, Sherrie excels at revealing narratives through her photography. Her unique ability to create a relaxed atmosphere ensures that every session is a joyful experience, resulting in images that truly resonate.

Sherrie's forte lies in her innate talent for putting her subjects at ease, enabling her to capture their genuine expressions effortlessly. Her expertise extends beyond the click of a camera; she is adept at guiding and directing where required, ensuring that each image authentically represents the best version of the subject.

Specializing in personal brand photography - particularly for female entrepreneurs, Sherrie's photography digs a bit deeper than the superficial to reveal who her clients really are. Warm and approachable, she becomes a collaborator in her clients' visual brand journey.

Adhering to a philosophy that favours candid, real-life moments over posed perfection, Sherrie crafts images that mirror the spontaneity of life. Her preference for lifestyle photography perfectly complements her aversion to rigid, contrived setups, resulting in visuals that are both captivating and comfortable.

Currently, Sherrie divides her time and creative energies between the dynamic cities of Dubai, Glasgow, and the bustling metropolis of London. This global perspective enriches her work, allowing her to encapsulate the spirit of different cultures within her art.

For Sherrie, photography is far more than a profession – it's an intimate voyage through the emotions, laughter, and celebrations that define the human experience. Through her lens, she captures these fleeting moments, transforming them into cherished memories.

Sherrie Higgins of Shots by Sherrie - Photographer based in Glasgow, london Dubai. Personal brand, family photos, Weddings and Event photography
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