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Zoom Photography

COVID-19 meant that many of us have had to rethink many aspects of our lives and how we do business. The need for social distancing and staying home meant that I could no longer go to clients' homes or have them visit me. So I adapted.

My Zoom Photography sessions allow you to get professional quality photos from the comfort and safety of your home. What's more, is that now you can use my services wherever you are in the world!

These sessions are ideal for:

Modelling shots 

 Please click on the image to see the slideshow in full 

Corporate Headshots

 Please click on the image to see the slideshow in full 

Acting Headshots 

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How does it work?

We have a zoom call for about an hour. During that call I will guide and direct you while you take photos using the phone on your camera. Ideally I can watch you do this through a second zoom on another device. You then send me the photos in a group chat like Whatsapp or FB Messenger as we go, so that I can ask you to make adjustments until we get the image(s) we are looking for.
Then, you send me all the images via Wetransfer and I will edit them into profesional looking photographs! 

You might be thinking... so couldn't I just do this myself? Why would I pay for it.

Well, take a look at these before and after examples of why professional coaching and editing can make the world of difference to you standard phone "Selfie". 


I HATE having my photo taken! But I did the zoom headshot session with Sherrie & absolutely loved it! The process took less than an hour, but I was honestly disappointed when it was done because I was enjoying myself so much. The process was easy, Sherrie guided me through it & we took some great photos. Even before they were edited, I was happy with the results as Sherrie gave expert advice on angles, lighting, camera positioning etc. I cannot recommend the service highly enough!

- Luke, July 2020

If you'd like to book in, or have any questions about the process, please do get in touch. 

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