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Corporate Packages

Enhance your or your team's corporate image with tailored headshot photography packages. In today's competitive business landscape, projecting confidence and professionalism is essential. I can capture your expertise, without stripping you of your personality. Elevate you or your employee's professional profile with my corporate headshot photography services.

Package options


I had professional photos done and I absolutely loved them.
I am very camera shy but Sherrie was amazing to work with, made me feel so comfortable.

I definitely recommend Sherrie!

Marwa, Banking executive


Very patient and friendly. Miracle worker with my shots 

Annie, Presenter

- Employer pays -
Staff Headshots

The most traditional option.

How it works

Company requires new staff headshots 

Company hires and pays photographer

Photographer comes to the office and takes staff headshots

 Photographer sends images to Company



Studio Style Portraits

Taken in a studio set up I bring to the office.

Ideal for company profile pages or email signatures.

2 edited images per staff member included 

Online Gallery where staff can choose their images.

Max 10 staff per hour 

0 - 50 staff 
1400AED per hour 

51 - 100 Staff 
1300AED per hour

101+ Staff 

1000AED per hour 


Lifestyle Portraits

Taken in a single location in or around the office.

Ideal for Linkedin or Marketing purposes.

2 edited images per staff member included 

Online Gallery where staff can choose their images.

Max 10 staff per hour

0 - 50 staff 
800AED per hour 

51+ Staff 
510AED per hour

- Employee pays -
Optional Headshot Days

 A more unusual, cost effective method. When the company isn't TELLING staff to get new a headshot, but asking.

How it works

Company asks staff if they would be interested in getting new headshots, provided in the office at a discount (compared to if they went to get them on their own.) 

A minimum of 8 staff confirm thier interest

A date for Photographer to come to the office is decided.

Photographer sends a payment link and the Company asks staff to pay using the link.

Staff who have paid then notify the Company and are given a timeslot to come for their session*.

Photographer comes and shoots all staff who booked.

Photographer deals with each staff member directly to send them thier photos.

*I ask the Company to deal with scheduling the timeslots because on the day if anyone needs to make any changes, I am unlikely to see the message because I will be busy shooting. If the company are dealing with that correspondence then they can easily rearrange their slot.



I bring everything I need for staff to have the choice of a studio setup, lifestyle photos, or both

2 edited images per staff member included, with the option to purchase: 

Additional edited images:

25AED per image

Retouched images:

50AED per image

Online Gallery where staff can choose their images.

20 min session per staff member

260AED per staff member
(compared to 420aed if they came to me directly)

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