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and all its little wonders.

Mitchell Library
Mitchell Library
Mitchell Library
Charing Cross
Outside the Mitchell Library
Loch Fyne

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"There are no bad pictures, That's just how your face looks sometimes."
- Abraham Lincoln

There is something magical about how a photograph can evoke so much feeling. We all look at things around us every day, but how often do we really see? A camera in the right hands can completely change the focus of a moment, and capture something that you might have otherwise missed. I genuinely believe in the power of a great photograph, and that is why I take my camera everywhere. I love using the lens to open up a whole new world of beautiful detail, in the most unexpected places and situations. While posed pictures and photoshoots with purpose have an important role to play, I really love catching people off guard and capturing the true emotion of the moment. While some people might protest that they don't like candid photos of themselves, personally I agree with Abraham Lincoln.

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