I believe that shooting on location can result in a natural, authentic feeling to the photographs, and can often help the subjects relax into a more comfortable rhythm with me. 




Family/ Children

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I have been working with children in various aspects of my career for over 6 years. 

They are my favourite thing to photograph in the world as they make the most honest models. They aren't worried about how their hair looks or where to put their hands.

Children always express such genuine emotion that you don't really find anywhere else. It's important to capture those moments, before they evolve into those nightmarish teens. 




While the dawn of the selfie has been a wonderful achievement for mankind (no, really, I'm a big fan, snapchat filters and everything). There is something special about having your photo taken professionally. Being able to have both of your hands in the photograph for one thing. 

If you are looking for a professional headshot, or just really fancy an excuse to have amazing new profile pictures to impress your friends with, professional portraits will get the job done. 

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Pre - wedding

As a part of all my wedding packages I offer a free ' Pre - Wedding' Shoot. 

This means the couple can get used to being in front of the camera, we can run through basic poses and helpful hints before the big day. 

We usually try to go to your actual venue if we can, so we can all get a feel for the place and scope out the ideal little spots to get those picture perfect moments.


It's a win win situation that means you can relax about this part of your special day.

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Something different 

Sometimes the big events in our lives are such a blur that the moment is gone before you have a chance to get that picture perfect photo.

So why not make sure you get the picture you wanted either before or after the event by organising a shoot to show off the dance show outfit, or graduation robes, or even the halloween costume. 

From kids dance shows to pole dancing performances, pet portraits or anything else you can think of, I love an opportunity to get involved with something different.

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Fashion/ Make-up 



Photography has offered me an amazing opportunity to really express myself creatively, and I am truly blessed to have a sister who is an immensely talented make up artist. So I have plenty of experience shooting amazing make up projects for her and her classmate's HND projects.


Now that she has graduated I mostly use these skills organising model shoots, and offering my services to budding fashion and make up students across the country. Any excuse to get involved with something a little out of the box and I am there! 

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I'm sure I don't have to explain why you would want to capture the beauty of a baby. There is nothing more precious to a parent, and nothing more fleeting than the time they spend this way.


So take the time to capture it professionally, to make memories you can treasure forever (and embarrass them with later at important life events, obviously).

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