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Taking Better Brand Pictures Workshop
  • Taking Better Brand Pictures Workshop


    Learn the tips and tricks that will help you create elevated images to represent your brand.

    The aim of this 2.5 hour workshop is to give you practical, actionable advice on the basic principles of photography, so you can take great photos that represent you and your brand and speak to your ideal customer.

    You will learn how to define your brand and create a shot list to be properly prepared before you start snapping. By the end, you will know the basic photography techniques needed to immediately take better selfies, product and lifestyle photos.


    Class Outline:

    Creating the Brand Vision

    Who are you talking to? Your Ideal Customer Avatar

    Defining your brand (colours, aesthetic and feel)

    What do you want to say? Your copy.


    Personal Brand (taking better selfies)





    15 min break - included in the recording to give you time to absorb.




    Different types of product photography 


    Technical stuff

    Equipment needed 

    Phone Settings

    Editing tips and resources 

    Sizing and formatting help



    - Follow - along document allowing you to take relevant notes throughout the session

    - 8 activities to go and action either during or immediately after the session

    - FREE access to the FULL course when it launches.  It will have the same structure but will also include way more content, PDF worksheets and pre-recorded, in-depth videos. 

    Buying the workshop now guarantees you are saving AT LEAST 50% on the final course price.


    • How to Access

      Once you have purchased, you'll see a button to download on the thank you page.  
      Please check your downloads for the follow along document which will give you the link and instructions to access the video. 

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